Voleyball Betting Rules

1. All bets will be VOID, if a match is not completed, except for Period Betting (if bets have been unconditionally determined).
2. Where the statutory number of sets in a game are changed (whether before or during a game) through the introduction of additional set(s) and/or Golden Set(s) or any other irregular format (for example during friendlies), such additional or Golden sets or irregular formats shall be ignored and all bets shall be settled based only on the results achieved during normal regular game play.
These are the bets offered for Volleyball:

(a) Non Live Betting
(a.1) Asian Handicap
(A) Points Handicap
(B) Sets Handicap
(ii) Odd/Even
(A) Odd/Even bets relate to the sum total of points played in the match resulting in an odd or even number.
(iii) Outright
(iv) Over/Under
(A) Over/Under bets relate to the sum total of points played in the match being over or under the prescribed number of points set by the Operator.
(v) Period Betting
(A) All bets are settled based on the total points played at the end of the period, including all points garnered during deuce (where applicable).
(b) In Running ("Live") Betting
(b.1) Asian Handicap
(b.2) Over/Under
(c) Scoring System
Type B Scoring applies